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As an Android developer, I need frequently examine how some application behaves through extended period of time. In such case I need a smart and rapid switch, to lock device in sleepless mode. Since I didn't found any which satisfy my needs, I wrote my own.
Insomnia is a tiny application to suppress blanking display of the Android device.
Unlike other similar tools, this one has very minimalistic interface, without configuration and without any windows. While running, it keeps device's display turned on, showing only small reminder in notification area.
It can be dismissed by running it once more or by tapping notification message.
Beware that sleepless device can drain your battery very fast!
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Change log:
Until now, the application can speak following languages:
If you wish it could also speak your language, your translation.
Insomnia active with iconic reminder Insomnia in notification panel Insomnia unloaded
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